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Dear Friends and Visitors of the GFU Website,

We are migrating to our new website where you can find more information and news.
GFU and ICUC will remain active web sites until a complete merge and migration of the information has taken place.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information.

New Website

As ICUC and the GFU are continuing their institutional merge, information from our websites will be moved gradually to our new site Please access that site for new and continuously updated information on underutilized crops and related issues.

News items are displayed prominently on the Crops for the Future home page. Here you also have an opportunity to provide your comments on the various postings. A summary of the recent posts is provided in the left hand column.

For upcoming events, check the handy listing on the right of the home page, or check out the more detailed information in the Events section accessible through the green top navigation bar.

The Publications section provides access to publications by Crops for the Future.

The Info Portal section is your one-stop shop for information resources, databases and featured literature. For example, it provides access to various handy databases which provide information about species, experts, institutions and ongoing projects.

The Links section will provide links to some of our partner networks and informative newsletters as well as to other initiatives.



Crops for the Future is the new operating name
of the International Centre for Underutilised Crops (ICUC)
and the Global Facilitation Unit for Underutilized Species (GFU).





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Underutilized Species contribute to livelihood improvement by
  • increasing incomes
  • ensuring food security
  • improving nutrition
  • enhancing biodiversity
  • withstanding stress conditions
  • occupying important ecological niches
  • being produced with low external inputs
  • stabilizing ecosystems
  • creating new markets
In the spotlight
Forgotten Fruit, a video from TVE's Earth Report series


What do we mean when we talk about Underutilized species

"Analyses of policies hindering or enhancing the use of underutilized species"

"Launch for Crops for the Future at CGIAR AGM"


Sarah's healthy kids, healthy forests pilot programme - Maya Nut in Guatemala

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