GTZ Small Grants Program

Information about the funding opportunity
Supports innovative projects in the field of agriculture

Description, Remarks/Restrictions
Restricted to CGIAR and non-CGIAR centres, as well as German research institutes working in agricultural research. The international Centre must cooperate with a German Institute and vice versa.

Euro €60.000


How to apply
Email applications should be sent with a supporting letter from the Centre's director general or the director of the German research institution to the contact person. A letter of intent from the German partner institute or the international partner institute must be submitted together with the proposal. For further information follow link to application guidelines.

Application guidelines path

Eligible research topics
Underutilized genetic resources, agricultural diversification of commodities.

Who can apply
CGIAR and non-CGIAR centres. German research institutes working in agricultural research.

Contact details

Contact Address
Ms. Beatrice Bournonville
Small Grants Program
Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1-5
65760 Eschborn

+49 (6196) 79 1435

+49 (6196) 79 7137


Donor Organization(s)
  • German Technical Cooperation/Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

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