Greengrants Funding schemes

Eligible Geographic Areas

Information about the funding opportunity
The Fund supports grassroots groups around the world working to help people protect the environment, live sustainably, preserve biodiversity and gain a voice in their own future.

Description, Remarks/Restrictions
The Fund does not accept unsolicited grant proposals or applications. If you have a project that you believe might be of interest to the Fund, consult their list of advisors at

Funding Web Address

From US$500 to $5,000

How to apply
Application guidelines must be obtained from country advisors. Please see list of country advisors

Eligible research topics
Sustainable agriculture, forest conservation, indigenous people and their environment. For a list of current grants visit

Who can apply
Grassroots organizations

Contact details

Contact Address
Global Greengrants Fund
2840 Wilderness Place
Suite A
Boulder, CO 8030

+1 (303) 939 9866

+1 (303) 939 9867


Donor Organization(s)
  • Global Greengrants Fund

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