Program on Global Security and Sustainability (GSS)

Eligible Geographic Areas
Africa: Highland forests of western Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and western Tanzania, Madagascar.
Asia/Pacific: Nepal, Bhutan, Northeast India and Yunnan Province, China; Lao PDR, Cambodia and Vietnam, Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Guinea.
Latin America/Caribbean: Peru and Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, Panama, Cuba, Hispaniola, and Jamaica.

Information about the funding opportunity
Provides support for biodiversity conservation activities in particular geographic Focal Areas. It also includes a Research & Development component, which is organized around specific themes addressing salient issues within these Focal Areas. Two overarching goals guide grant-making priorities: to promote conservation across large landscapes; and to strengthen local institutional capacity for biodiversity conservation.

Description, Remarks/Restrictions
Restricted to specific countries and focus areas. The Foundation does not review unsolicited project proposals.

Funding Web Address

From US$15,000 to US$1million


Information on deadlines
Upcoming priority areas are the Albertine Rift, Southern Andes, Northern Andes and Lower Mekong. To check deadlines review website at

How to apply
Applicants should prepare a brief Letter of Inquiry before submitting full proposal. For detailed information follow link to application guidelines.

Application guidelines path

Eligible research topics
Conservation and sustainable development

Who can apply

Contact details

Contact Address
Office of Grants Management
140 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60603-5285

+1 (312) 726 8000

+ (312) 920 6258


Donor Organization(s)
  • The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

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