Developing Countries Collaboration in Plant Genome Research (DCC-PGR)

Eligible Geographic Areas
All Developing Countries listed in the appendix

Information about the funding opportunity
Supports research collaboration between US scientists and scientists in developing countries as part of ongoing or new Plant Genome Research Program awards to solve problems of mutual interest in agriculture, energy and the environment.

Description, Remarks/Restrictions
NSF rarely provides support to foreign organizations. NSF will consider proposals for cooperative projects involving US and foreign organizations, provided support is requested only for the US portion of the collaborative effort.

Funding Web Address

US$100,000 over a period of two years


Deadline for Application

How to apply
Follow link to detailed application guidelines.

Application guidelines path

Eligible research topics
Plant Genome Research

Who can apply
Scientists at institutions from select Developing Countries can be partners with the PGRP Principle Investigators.

Contact details

Contact Address
Jane Silverthorne
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Virginia 22230

+1 (703) 292 8470


Donor Organization(s)
  • National Science Foundation

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