Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE)

Eligible Geographic Areas

Information about the funding opportunity
Enables U.S. institutions to establish collaborative relationships with international groups or institutions in order to engender new knowledge and discoveries and to promote the development of a globally-engaged, U.S. scientific and engineering workforce.

Description, Remarks/Restrictions
NSF rarely provides support to foreign organizations. NSF will consider proposals for cooperative projects involving US and foreign organizations, provided support is requested only for the US portion of the collaborative effort.

Funding Web Address

US$500,000 per year for five years


How to apply
Submission of Preliminary Proposals is required. Applicants are encouraged to describe how the partnership will contribute to creating a hub of international collaboration that will bring demonstrable benefits to the U.S. research community. For further information follow link to application guidelines.

Application guidelines path

Eligible research topics
Any science and engineering area supported by the NSF.

Who can apply
Only Ph.D.-granting organizations in the United States may submit preliminary proposals or full proposals. Principal investigators (PIs) I must be affiliated with the lead institution; they don’t have to be US citizens. International collaborators should be designated as senior personnel.

Contact details

Contact Address
Edward O. Murdy
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Virginia 22230

+1 (703) 292 7222

+1 (703) 292 9067


Donor Organization(s)
  • National Science Foundation

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