Rural Poverty and Environment Program Initiative

Eligible Geographic Areas
All developing countries

Information about the funding opportunity
Supports participatory action-research, policy analysis and institutional innovation and reform and contributes to the development of networks, partnerships
and communities of practice, in order to strengthen institutions, policies and practices that enhance the food, water and income security of the rural poor
living in fragile or degraded upland and coastal ecosystems.

Funding Web Address

Not specified


How to apply
Applicants should submit an "idea" for preliminary review. Only after the idea has been accepted for further consideration by IDRC
can a grant application be submitted.

Application guidelines path

Eligible research topics
Rural poverty and environment. For a full list of relevant program areas visit

Who can apply
Individuals doing research directly related to and in the context of IDRC’s programs and projects.

Contact details

Contact Address
RPE Program Initiative
International Development Research Centre
PO Box 8500
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3H9

+1 (613) 236 6163

+1 (613) 567 7749


Donor Organization(s)
  • International Development Research Centre

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