ERC Starting Independent Research Grants

Eligible Geographic Areas

Information about the funding opportunity
Supports researchers at the stage at which they are intending to establish or are already leading an independent research team or developing an independent research programme.

Description, Remarks/Restrictions
ERC grant applications can be submitted only in response to an open "call for proposals". Calls are published on the ERC website, the CORDIS website and in the Official Journal of the European Union

Funding Web Address

Euro €100,000 to €400,000 per year


Deadline for Application

How to apply
Principal Investigators (PIs) need to pre-register their intention to submit a proposal via the web-based EPSS before they can submit a proposal. EPSS can be accessed via the ERC website and the call page on CORDIS, or directly at Full instructions can be found in the “EPSS preparation and submission guide” at For more information follow link to application guidelines.

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Eligible research topics
All research fields

Who can apply
Individual researchers heading an individual research team to conduct a frontier research project on the condition that he/she is engaged by a legally established hosting organisation.

Contact details

Contact Address
National Contact Points (ERC NCPs) have been set up across Europe to provide information and personalized support to ERC applicants in their native language. The mission of the ERC NCPs is to raise awareness, inform and advise on ERC funding opportunities as well as to support potential applicants in the preparation, submission and follow-up of ERC grant applications. Contact details are available at

Donor Organization(s)
  • European Research Council

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