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In order to facilitate improved networking and to develop synergies amongst stakeholders it is important to know who are those stakeholders involved, what are they doing and what strategies are they using. The information retrieved from this survey is compiled in a database and made available from this website.

An essential part of the information to be made accessible will be an expert list, which will allow interested actors to contact each other in their particular field of expertise.

It will provide an opportunity to make your work and your expertise known to a large community and will give you information about other ongoing or past activities on underutilized species at a global level.

With this survey we target organizations, institutions, networks and individuals in the public and private sector. This will give the widest possible overview and in the end enlarge the community. We encourage you to forward the questionnaire to anybody you may consider interested in contributing and belonging to the "underutilized species community".

Please save the files to your local workstation, compile the information and send it back via email to the following email account: underutilized-species@cgiar.org. You may need to make copies of the files should you deal with more than one Project, Institution or Expert.

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