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The program for the Terra Madre 2008 Earth Workshops is online, one month earlier than in 2006, and has a great new feature: online forums!

For each Earth Workshop there is an accompanying forum, which can be accessed from the Earth Workshops page in www.terramadre.info by clicking on “Join the Forum” next to each heading. At the moment there are only forums for “theme” workshops, i.e. excluding the Regional Meetings, but if requested by Food Communities we can also open Forums for the regional meetings.

Anyone can take part in the forums, not just those attending Terra Madre 2008 in Turin. They are for all those keen to be involved in these conversations even if not going to the event.

In fact the idea of the forums is to allow all the readers of our websites to express their thoughts about Terra Madre, wherever they live in the world.

Each forum has a moderator who is the only person authorized to open new topics. Other participants can comment on the subjects proposed, or make suggestions for new topics. You can participate in the forums in Italian, English, Spanish or French. A translation service is not available so please write as clearly and concisely as possible. You can also post documents or images, or link to other sites for more detailed documentation.

So Terra Madre 2008 is now underway! It is easy to take part in the forums, just click on “Join the Forum”, follow the instructions and let us know your opinions on the Workshop topics that interest you.

Paul Bordoni of the GFU has been asked to look after the forum "How to protect traditional knowledge and defend intellectual property. The role of indigenous peoples and women."

The link below leads directly to this forum which is connected to the Earth Workshop - October 26th 2008 - 3pm RIGHTS – Sharing in order to protect

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Terra Madre 2008 - Join the Forum
RIGHTS – Sharing in order to protect
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