Amazon Your Business / Opportunities and solutions in the rainforest


Amazon Your Business is the first ever guide to sustainable Amazon products from the rainforests and rivers of all Amazon countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname.

It presents more than fifty (new) consumer products such as body care products, cosmetics, essential oils, shoes of caiman leather, wild rubber bags, rings of gold, medicines, energy drinks, snacks, wild gourmet chocolate, food supplements and furniture.

The book explains how markets work for forest conservation, development cooperation and poverty alleviation. It contains interviews with ministers, entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders of international organisations and local villagers. A network section with contact info and important websites is included.

Have a look at the preface, the table of contents and view the examples of Treetap wild rubber and Green Gold.

Meindert Brouwer

Studio Olykan

Marketing case studies

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income generation, indigenous knowledge, indigenous species, livelihood improvement, market promotion, marketing, markets, markets-local, markets-niche-new, new products

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