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You are invited to participate. In spring 2007 an anthropology and forestry course on NTFP culture and management will be offered online through Oregon State University (OSU) Extended Campus (Ecampus). Domestic and International students are welcome as well as professionals seeking continuing education credit.

This course brings anthropology and forestry together to look at the fascinating and complex world of NTFP (e.g., mushrooms, floral greens, medicinal plants, seeds) harvesting and the implications for sustainable forest management. Throughout time harvesting NTFP has been an important activity in forest ecosystems. Around the world, thousands of species are regularly gathered by millions of people for subsistence, income, and recreation, or as part of spiritual, educational or scientific endeavours. In this course we will explore the cultural, ecological, political, and economic dimensions of harvesting. Geographically, the course will have an emphasis on the United States and use case studies from the Pacific Northwest, but will also bring in international linkages and perspectives. Examples of topics that will be covered include gathering historically, ethnobotany and local knowledge, Indian reserved rights, household economy, rural and urban connections, immigration and labour issues, political ecology, management needs and strategies, and market-oriented forest conservation. The course will include group exercises and fieldwork activities that participants will do in their local area, as well as lectures, reading, and short answer essay exams.

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Title-Nontimber Forest Products Culture and Management, Level-Upper division undergraduate. Course-ANTH 480 Topics in Applied Anthropology, CRN-37979, Credits-4, Term-Spring 2007, Length-10 weeks.


Eric T. Jones, Ph.D. is an ecological anthropologist at the Institute for Culture and Ecology and has researched and published on domestic and international NTFP culture, management, policy, and ecology.

You can read about the work of the Institute for Culture and Ecology in NTFP as and Costs (US$): OSU is an accredited university in the United States. Domestic and foreign students, managers, and others with an interest in the subject can take the course, for credit or not. The course will qualify for continuing education credits (e.g., SAF CFE) for most professionals. OSU Ecampus courses cost the same for in state, out-of-state, and international students: $200/credit ($800 total for this four credit course). There is an additional $25 application fee and $25 account creation fee.

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To sign up for the course online you must have an email address.

  1. You must first create an account ($25 fee) at:
  2. Once the account is created you will be taken to a page where you can select an application type. Choose "Applications for Non-Degree Students." The link takes you to information further down the page where you will click on "Non-Degree Application."
  3. At the application sign in page ignore any statements that the form is for U.S. Residents -- it is also for foreigners, both students seeking degrees and professionals interested in continuing education. Select Spring Term, enter you name and then click the link "Fill Out Application" and complete all forms.
  4. After you submit the application the administration will process it and email you back login information and a link where you can register for the class. If you have problems with registration email, or phone 800-291-4192 (011-541-737-4411 if outside U.S.). You can also email the instructor at

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