With this database the GFU intends to provide information on specific species.

This includes basic data such as where does the species come from, where it grows and where is it used, projects, experts, documents, reference to important portals and other relevant links that will give you an entry point for your search.
The database is still in progress and only a limited number of underutilized species is included - over time we will expand the information adding more species.

We look forward in hearing from you about anything you would like to see included (pictures, text, links etc) or improvements we could make to this section of GFU's portal.

Should you be interested in taking "ownership" on a particular plant species please let us know.
The form to contribute to this db can be found clicking here.
Please save the files to your local workstation, compile the information, save it again as a pdf and send it back via email to the following email account: underutilized-species@cgiar.org.

The list of species we are currently considering as underutilized can be found here

List of underutilized species

Thank you!


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