Surveys carried out by the GFU

Many activities related to the development and promotion of underutilized species are being carried out. The entities involved are using different approaches and strategies depending on the objectives they pursue. These objectives may range from safeguarding biodiversity as a livelihood option for poor people in marginal areas to diversification of agricultural production through the introduction of new crops at an industrial scale for income generation and reduction of overproduction of major crops.

In order to obtain an overview on the mainstream thinking with respect to research and development, production and marketing, major areas of institutional involvement, key actors, potential for synergies and issues currently not addressed, etc. the GFU conducted 3 surveys. One was targeted to NARS, another one was carried out among a range of institutions and organizations in the public and private sector and a subsequent looked at the Marketing sector.

The analysis of the results of the survey can be found here.

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